National Licensing Information –
• AZ: Mortgage Banker License No. BK-0909074, BKBR-0115633, BKBR-0115261, BKBR-0116743, BKBR-0116742, BKBR-0116740, BKBR-0116741, BKBR-0118099, BKBR-0117335, BKBR-0117336, BKBR-0117825, BKBR-0118343, BKBR-0118510, BKBR-0118660, BKBR-0118661
• CA: Bureau of Real Estate No. 01866775 D.B.A. V.I.P. Independent Mortgage, Inc.
• CO: For 1st Mortgages – No entity or branch licenses needed
• HI: Residential Mortgage License No, 1115612
• IL: Residential Mortgage License MB.6760990
• IN: DFI First Lien Mortgage Lending License—Company License # 21573
DFI Subordinate Lien Mortgage Lending License—Company License # 21574
• NE: Mortgage Banker License No. 2032
• NM: Mortgage Loan Company License 906367
• MI: First Mortgage Lender/Broker License No. FL0017723; Second Mortgage Broker/Lender Registrant License No. SR0017724
• TX: Mortgage Banker Registration No: N.A. D.B.A. V.I.P. Independent Mortgage, Inc.
• UT: Consumer Credit License – Mortgage Lender License No: MLCO-7233522
• WA: Master Business License No. 602 774 478, Consumer Loan Company License No. CL-145502
• WI: Mortgage Banker License No. 145502BA WI- Mortgage Broker License No. 145502BR. National Licenses.
Also need to know if you have control over the Active Rain website info. It is saying you can do loans in CA, NM, CO, UT and AZ. You are only licensed in AZ. This one was actually easy to fix. Thanks I use this website but had not updated the main page in about 3 years.

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